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Responses that get you recruited

SCENE: Interview conversation — last week at my office. Seraphine: What would you say are some of your strengths as a professional? Interviewee: I am a self-motivated individual who works well in teams. I am looking for a challenging environment in which to express my skills and positively contribute to your organization’s success by continually achieving the set objectives. I am a go-getter. Seraphine: That is what you say about yourself. As a prospective employee, how does this help me favor you [...]

How confidence can save your life

IN SUMMARY This isn’t a place I suddenly came to. It had been a sojourn that started by consciously taking the decision to make so I could get to this wonderfully free and privileged space. Life is to be lived fully and enjoyed by all women but it is a right that each woman must individually fight to defend fiercely by walking away before it is too late. Mustering the confidence to walk out early saves life just as a stitch [...]